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Retrospect for Sexual Consent: How Patriarchy Shapes Our Memory of Intimate Moments

Recent reflection on a number of historic sexual assault cases involving black male celebrities in America (including Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Nate Parker, Darren Sharper, Kobe Bryant, and R. Kelly again) got some of the symptoms of my psychological disorder acting up again. I should say that I am a black man living in the United States, who is just learning how to deal with a condition that for the longest time went undiagnosed. As someone hampered by this particularly American pathological disorder, whose symptoms include an investment in misogyny and male privilege, with its unique internal conflicts about, commitments to, and complicity with white supremacist patriarchy, I wonder how many other black men are suffering in silence. 

To remind myself of my own diagnosis, and to uphold my personal commitment to seek help and treatment for any man who is also suffering, when I first meet new people I like to tell them that I am a *black male femin…

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