"Let Words Do the Work"

Let Words Do the Work
for Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and too many more

i let my words do the work
suspend all animation
make any sudden movement
life threatening

i do not stop to put my hands up
do not genuflect or gyrate
tap my tongue but do not move my feet
hands, neck, chest, head, or hips

tossing and turning like kids
put in time out i refuse to move
cannot be still enough
as if movement is threatening life

as if at this moment i'm
staring down the barrel
of a floridian's gun
with the right to stand my ground

but not to move
as someone yells out halt,
or wait, who goes there
black man, stop, or drop

nigger or gun, intruder
or terrorist, or worse yet
i remain stone stiff

standing my ground
as long as i can
as if movement itself is life

i still have my words
keep sending them out
let them do the work
as an S.O.S.

as a send help quick
as a scream, “I’m in danger”
not "the" danger, but in it
and cannot give even an inch

cannot take the chance
that my movement, life threatening
as it is
will give some

a reasonable doubt.


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